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Oaks and Sails Coaching

Oaks & Sails

Create. Inspire. Empower. Innovate.

Oaks and Sails Coaching


Oaks & Sails works with aspiring creatives, entrepreneurs, and community leaders

to build their vision & inspire meaningful change.

Ready to fuel personal growth or

create something new?


Lead your organization forward with

creativity and innovation?

Dive into a passion project or

bring your wild dreams to life?

Revive imagination, creativity, and play

in your life or on your team?

Let's create something together...

How can I help you?

Using skills in educational psychology, design thinking, coaching, and the creative arts, I transform mindsets, birth new ideas, pinpoint issues, design solutions, and inspire action through tailor designed-workshops, play, hands-on creative activities, wild journaling, reflective questioning, research & readings, visualization exercises, and more, to:

Give voice to your creative vision when you feel it exists only as an impossible fantasy.

Embolden your organization to unlock its creative potential and initiate action towards new possibilities when your team has reached stagnation.

Tap into your hidden ideas and create the catalyst to launch your next big thing when you feel a desire to expand, but need clarity on what it is.

Support the parts of yourself that need creative healing, especially after a major life change such as a divorce, job loss, retirement, empty nester, or grief.

I make your magic happen.

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Working with Oaks & Sails was truly a blessing! I had an idea of the new business I wanted to start but was completely overwhelmed. Not only did Stephanie help me come up with a timeline and build a structure that was easy to follow, she helped me stay accountable. She helped me overcome insecurities and limiting beliefs that were stopping me from accomplishing my goal.

Diana, Interior Designer

It's time to initiate and navigate the changes needed to build your next big thing...

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