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Oaks and Sails

I help you initiate and navigate changes needed to build your next big thing.

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About Me 

When I think of myself, I think of an oak tree. Strong, stable, and sturdy, hardened by tough experiences. But I'm also a sailboat, light and carefree, happily exploring places the wind and water take me. 

  I'm creative, intuitive, and logical; left brain and right brain dominant. I love taking ideas and after analysis, designing a way to make it happen. It's a process that I enjoy supporting people with as they build their dreams.

My hope is to help you maximize your creative pursuit in order to make a much larger impact on your environment.

For all of you ready to take on change and sail towards your goals, I hope you’ll join the Oaks and Sails community.

My Experience

   I grew up in a home that was full of unfulfilled creative energy. Lots of music, art, poems, and dreams that never sprouted. I was heading down a similar path until I realized through many coincidences, that creativity was the spark I needed to bring me back to life.


   My  job now is to guide others through their own process and create space for their big dreams. With my background in education, consulting, and thousands of hours creating, I can help people learn to trust themselves and take a leap of faith.

  • MA in Educational Psychology (with distinction)

  • ICF Certified Coach (in progress)

  • CA teaching credential with literacy specialist certification

  • Design and organize events, workshops, committees, frameworks, and large scale projects from the ground up to solve a problem or improve an environment

  • Speaker at workshops, staff professional development &  conferences.

  • Almost 20 years of experience working in different communities teaching, leading, consulting, and collaborating.

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Take the time to invest in yourself and discover the treasures within.

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