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Oaks and Sails Coaching

Oaks & Sails

Create. Inspire. Empower. Innovate.

Oaks and Sails Coaching


Inspire positive change through new ideas

My mission is to inspire new ideas, provide creative healing spaces, and spark creative problem solving in different intersections of community. We drive positive change through the support of creative leadership, empowering experiences and services for the community, and partnering with people and organizations to innovate. 


Creativity, Courage, and Compassion

Creativity is what humans are designed to do. Creativity exists only through courage. Innovation and impactful ideas do not spread without being compassionate. Oaks & Sails breathes creativity to life through courage and compassion.


From gray to full color

Oaks and Sails was born out of a moment of courage and creative inspiration. Bedridden with a twisted ankle, I followed an impulse to do something about the grand visions in my head. It was one of many creative inspirations that burst forth that week.


The creativity I abandoned for over 20 years was rediscovered and its resurgence brought me back to life. Embracing my creative and innovative spirit left me with a mission I could no longer deny - to create positive change by nurturing creativity, innovation, and problem solving in people and places needing to grow. The world isn't black and white; it's vibrant with colorful possibilities.

Hello there!

I'm the founder of Oaks and Sails, and serve as an ICF Certified, Wayfinder Coach with a Masters degree in Educational Psychology trained in Leadership Innovation and Design Thinking through Stanford's design school IDEOu.


Everywhere I go, my specialty is bringing big and complex ideas to fruition. I've supported the launch of businesses, provided counsel to leaders in education, supported creatives in structuring their vision, and developed systems to ease efficiency in community organizations.

I worked over a decade in education as a progressive teacher, school librarian, & curriculum consultant, supporting students and teachers reach their goals

Once, I had my students learn about simple machines by asking them to deliver a written message across the room - without moving from their place. There were strings and pulleys all over the class.

Thinking outside of the box is my bread and butter.

My work is to help you create a vision, build a framework, gather courage, and inspire movement. Then we measure results, reflect, and recalibrate. Rinse and Repeat.

As a multi-passionate person who also identifies as a writer, an artist, a poet, a singer, and avid problem solver (trigonometry was my favorite subject), I'm constantly living a creative experience.


If this is a time of exploration for you or your team, it would be an honor to partner with you.


Ready to make the impossible, well, not so impossible?

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"Find the oak, build your boat, and sail to new horizons" 

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Inspire creativity and innovate your organization

My Background

  • Trained in leadership innovation and design thinking through Stanford and it's design school IDEOu

  • MA in Educational Psychology (with distinction)

  • BA in Child Development & CA credentialed (summa cum laude)

  • Certified Wayfinder Life Coach

  • ICF Certified Coach 

  • Boxer, amateur piano player, & karaoke queen

  • Creative writer of short stories, novels, and poetry

  • Crochet & Knitting Hobbyist

  • Painter and Digital Artist

  • Experience coaching professionals in various fields: interior design, education, fashion, IT, non-profits, parenting, banks, entrepreneurship, etc.

  • Former teacher, curriculum consultant, and school librarian 

  • Develop events, workshops, committees, frameworks, and large scale projects from the ground up to solve a problem or improve an environment

  • Presenter at workshops & conferences on creative mathematics, team-building, & creative empowerment.

  • Almost 20 years of experience working in different communities teaching, leading, consulting, creating, and collaborating.


As a learner...

As a creative...

As a professional...

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